Walking from Here to There: Finding My Way on El Camino

A useful and handy guide to pilgrimage by a mindful traveler on El Camino. Much thoughtful reflection on taking one step at a time and being in the moment.

Jim Currie, Author of the Mindful Traveler: A Guide to Journaling and Transformative Travel

Last week I had visitors from Seattle who were about a week ahead of you on El Camino. I bought your book for them and my friend retreated during the election returns and couldn't put it down. She thought you did an excellent job on all fronts!

Mary K

What an AMAZING trip! We have added El Camino to our bucket list. It looks like you found your way on El Camino. I LOVE the chapter on Muni Manners (and Madness). This is a must read for anyone considering Pilgrimage. Walking from Here to There: Finding My Way on El Camino Paperback was published by Mindstir Media August 16, 2016 the book is a Biographies & Memoirs perfect for Travelers & Explorers.

Monica Kelly

Even though I've walked two, it's a book I would have welcomed prior to the first.


"I just finished reading Walking from Here to There. I enjoyed every word, every moment. What an experience you had. Thank you for sharing this remarkable journey." Janice


"As practical as it is entertaining, this is suitable for readers who are and are not considering making the Pilgrimage of Saint James. Ms. Day provides a blend of first hand experience, historical context and cultural considerations. If you are thinking of walking El Camino, the insight Ms. Day provides from (at times, painful!) lessons learned is a gift of practical advice and resource suggestions."

Paula Forrest

This book was inspired by walking the 500 mile pilgrimage across northern Spain. I felt commanded to write it. I took a lot of notes, journaled every day, also did a daily log, time & date-stamped my photos, and I did a lot of research about the Pilgrimage.